Sightseeing in Leiden, a part of history:
De Burcht
This old ringwald castle from 9th century is located in the middle of Leiden.

Adress: Nieuwe Rijn

Leiden was once attainable by 8 city gates. Only 2 are left. The morspoort and the zijlpoort. The morspoort is the most western gate and is built in 1669.  The gate also was a prison for a while where the bodies of condemned men were hanged to scare people who wanted to commit a crime. hrikken een misdaad te plegen.

Adress: Morssingel

Built in 13th century. It was a prison for the Earls from Holland and later in 1853 it became a prison for civilians. On the square the gourverment commit the death penalty. At the moment the University of Leiden is situated in this building.

Adress: Pieterskerkhof 6

Diverent churches= Leiden is well known of the many churches we have with all their own stories. The best known:

A 900 years old gothic church from 12th century.

Adress: Kloksteeg 16

Hooglandse kerk
A 700 years gothic church.

Adress: Nieuwstraat 20

Wandelingen en rondvaarten:
Leidse loper
The “Leidse loper” is a walk along the many historic places of Leiden. You walk to 24 historic monuments en buildings in Leiden.

You can also choose for “The Wall Poems” walk. Leiden knows 107 wall poems in 34 languages. The first poem is written in 1992 in Nieuwsteeg 1.

Leidse hofjes
Another possibility is to have a walk to the “Leidse hofjes”. This walk brings you to 12 of the 35 courtyards in Leiden.

Rederij rembrandt
The canal trip operator of Leiden. Enjoy the beautiful canals and historic monuments.

Adress: Blauwepoortshaven 5