The restaurant and bars tips of Hotel de Doelen Leiden:
Cafe Barrera
Known from Soldaat van Oranje, this pub is very populair in Leiden since 1968. Enjoy a delicious lunch, a cold glass of nice wine or a diner. With view over the academy building.

Adress: Rapenburg 54

In this old drying shed for wood can you enjoy a luxe diner what is a delight for eyes and mounth.

Adress: Haagweg 81

Belgian biercafé Olivier
This pub is situated in the former Elizabeth hospital. It differentiates itself by 14 tapbeers and over 100 beers by bottle. For the true beerlovers.

Adress: Hooigracht 23

Annie’s is situated in the cozy vaults under a historic bridge. A warm place to enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch, drink or diner.

Adress: Hoogstraat 1a

Stadscafé van der Werff
Next to Mill de Valk you can enjoy a breakfast, lunch or diner.

Adress: Steenstraat 2

‘t Crabbetje
The best fishrestaurant of Leiden with changing menus and seasonal products.

Adress: Sint-Aagtenstraat 5

De Waag
In this old monument, which wasn’t use for a while you now can enjoy dinner. The monument is now a lively restaurant brings back old memories.

Adress: Aalmarkt 21